Hallowe'en will soon be upon us! Mwaaahaaahaaa!

So I'm sitting here in my shorts and T-Shirt(an OTWP Designed Fender Shirt!) and its hot outside, today has been glorious, mid to late 20's, and the last thing on my mind, in fact the last thing on anyones mind is the fast approaching All Hallows Eve, that traditional holiday where the souls of the dead come back to roam the earth!


halloween illustration

The only souls that roam the earth on Halloween night are the kids, rattling the buckets and bags trying to prise sweet, sticky candy from their neighbours and the long suffered parents looking after their charges on a walk of the neighbourhood. 

I'm quite happy about Hallowe'en though, not for all the ghouls, ghosts, mummies and vampires that roam the streets but for the first time ever I beat Tesco's. Yes, I was the first to publish my own Hallowe'en collection before they did.

Ladies Range

Ladies Range

Often Tescos are first at everything, the moment Christmas is over, Easter Eggs are in the store, the school summer break is barely two days old and they are offering their back to school clothing at discount prices! So now that the kids have been back to school for a week I am surprised at their lack of enthusiasm for the ghostly goings on in North Bracknell.

So there we are, I am introducing my back-to-school-end-of-summer-pre-hallowe'en-I-beat-Tesco Jack O'Lantern glow-in-the-dark T-shirt range.

Gents Range

Gents Range

Men's Glow in the Dark #3 Black T-Shirt
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As there is a veritable cornucopia of costumes and props, fake severed heads and limbs on offer for the ghoulish delectation of the kids, my collection of shirts is for the long suffering Mums and Dads that get dragged around the streets on the hunt for candy or delivering tricks to the houses that have already had their sweetie stocks depleted.

They are elegant shirts without being too over the top, they celebrate all that is scary about Hallowe'en, just flash them with a torch and they will fluoresce and be a beacon of eerie light at the end of the driveways whilst the younglings salivate at the very prospect of yet more parma violets..

They are the kind of shirt you could still get away with down at the pub, a well earned libation after trawling the streets with your little ones!

So take a visit to the store and pick up your his 'n hers, Jack o'Lantern Shirts before the Ghosts get you! 

Happy Hallowe'en!