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Janes Website - Skyblue Art Classes

Janes Website - Skyblue Art Classes

A close friend of mine is an artist, she works down in the Brighton/Worthing area and offers art classes and regularly sells her work at Open House Art Galleries and Brighton Festivals. You can click here to see her website and work. She approached me and asked me to reproduce some of her work on various gifts for her students and we have started a collaboration of which you will see on our stores very soon. Her work is of high colour and the sublimation process transfers colour beautifully onto many substrates.

"Worthing Pier" by Jane Denman

Jane has been running Skyblue Art Classes for 10 years now and has many years teaching experience. Jane is a practising artist and fully qualified PGCE art tutor she enjoys 'passing on' her knowledge of drawing and painting. With the belief that 'everyone can draw and then paint' she loves to see people surprise themselves with their efforts. 

Jane encourages people to work at their own pace and to appreciate each stage of the development of a piece of work.

"Bella Figura 2a" by Jane Denman

'Taking the positive into the next drawing or painting enables creativity to flourish, and learning from another artist is invaluable, it is the way I learnt and I love to pass this on' 

So perhaps you have never picked up a pencil or a paintbrush but are curious, why not drop us a line or come along to one of the classes to have a look. You will meet a friendly bunch of people all trying their hand at painting and drawing. If you have already started to paint and want to meet like minded people and improve on your skills this is also a great opportunity.

Jane has taught drawing and painting at a variety of levels; Degree stage at London College of Fashion, Adult Education Classes at Northbrook College, taught art classes for WEA and at the Phoenix Arts Association in Brighton. 

Printed Samples of Art on promotional items

Since art is the perfect medium for printing onto mugs and gifts we are collaborating on some gifts for her store which can be found here. There are some videos of gifts that we have produced of her art and she will be offering some of her students the opportunity of producing some of their art for printing onto gift items.

If you go here you can see some of the items or view the video above!

take a look here at the shop on the site..